Guest Houses

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Deva Loka

The double rooms of the Deva Loka Guest House occupy the second floor of a lovely, curved building. Doors open to the balcony where one has a superb view of the Great Stupa and the courtyard below with its cafe tables and flower beds. Deva Loka’s lower level features gift shops, a restaurant, an internet cafe, and the relocated Peace Cafe, all managed by residents of the Clement Town Tibetan community adjacent to Mindrolling.

Two dining areas are located on the roof of the Deva Loka Guest House. Built almost entirely of glass, the facilities provide diners beautiful views of the Stupa and all of Mindrolling. Hosting of conferences and group activities are held within this beautiful and spacious environment in the heart of the Mindrolling campus.

Dekyi Gatsal

Dekyi Gatsal, is a quiet, well-furnished lodge with nine double rooms with attached baths. A kitchen and dining room are also available for the use of guests. An unobstructed view of the monastery may be seen from the roof of the lodge.

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