Life-Force Tree and Mandala

The vase of the stupa holds the life-force tree. It is filled with precious relics and dharanis. On the walls are painted the images of the thousand buddhas of the Good Kalpa. In it are also the statues of the field of accumulation of the Ati Zabdon Nyingpo, from the extraordinary tradition revealed by the embodiment of the collection of all qualities of the three secrets of all the victorious sugatas, Pema Garwang Jurme Dorje (Terdag Lingpa). Furthermore, it contains the four kinds of relics, numerous extraordinary dharanis and various old and sacred statues in the form of wisdom deities.

A three dimensional mandala based on Minling Vajrasattva has also been constructed. This mandala is wondrously detailed and glorious to behold. The life-force tree is in accordance with the mandala within the tradition of Drimed Namnyi.


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