Mindrolling gardenerResidents, guests, and visitors to Mindrolling may rest and enjoy snacks or cool drinks among lovely, colorful gardens tended with care by this Mindrolling gardener.
Blooming flowers and bushes line the walks around the stupa and provide a lovely sight from Deva Loka Guest House. There is also a nursery elsewhere on the grounds where plants are cultivated for future landscaping.


Garden extensionHundreds of thousands of people visit the Great Stupa requiring that Mindrolling add more areas to contain visitors. On New Year’s Day 2005 alone, many thousands of people came to see the sacred shrine, entirely filling the grounds and giving the monks a lively time trying to regulate traffic in the shrine rooms.
Consequently, the Mindrolling managers, particularly Lama Phuntsok, are now very busy planning

Constructing a new sidewalkand landscaping an extension to the gardens surrounding the stupa.

Mindrolling gardener poses with his dahlias (top) Ground cleared for extension to the lawns surrounding the stupa (middle) Workers laying a new sidewalk (bottom).
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