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Mindrolling Centres

Mindrolling Monastery (India)
Og Min Ogyen Mindrolling (East Tibet, China)
Samten Tse Retreat Centre (India)
Ogyen Mindrol Samtenling (India)
Ogyen Mindrolling Dharma Center (Taiwan)

Mindrolling International

Pema Gatsal/Mindrolling Lotus Garden (USA)
Mindrol Ösel Ling (USA)

Centres Affiliated With Or Following the Mindrolling Lineage

Mindrolling Dharma Center (Taiwan)
Kaohsiung Mindrolling Dharma Center (Taiwan)
Mindrolling Center (Taiwan)
Mindrolling Buddhist Association Ipoh (Malaysia)
Mindrolling Buddhist Association Nibong Tebal (Malaysia)

Last update: 19 March 2017