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Padmasambhava Shrine Room

The stupa’s ground level shrine-room is dedicated to Padmasambhava. The exquisite murals in it depict the life-story of Padmasambhava in accordance with the terma of Ogyen Lingpa, Kathang Sheldrakma (the Crystal Cave Chronicles) with the hundred and eight chapters. In addition to this are murals depicting the assembly of Le u DÄnma (the Seven Chapter […]

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Buddha Shakyamuni Shrine Room

The first floor shrine-room is dedicated to our Peerless Teacher, the Buddha Shakyamuni. On the walls are painted the principal figures of the buddhas of the three times. Beginning from the right side of the principal figures, all around on the walls are painted the Jataka Stories based on the text Wish-fulfilling Tree written by […]

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