Dispeller of all Obstacles – The Shinje Drekjom Drubchö at Mindrolling Monastery

At Mindrolling Monastery, the annual 7-day Shinje Drekjom drubchö concluded on February 20th, the 30th lunar day of the 12th lunar month.  This profound terma of Yamantaka was revealed by the Dharma King Terdag Lingpa and is renowned for its incredible power to dispel all obstacles for sentient beings. The benefits of the Shinje Drekjom drubchö are inconceivable and it is held as one of the most important activities of Mindrolling Monastery for the benefit and protection of all sentient beings. This incredibly powerful practice is completed at the end of every year to dispel all obstacles for the coming year. Prayer requests and offerings made by the worldwide sangha were read and dedicated each day.

With the joyful conclusion of this drubchö and through the wisdom, compassion, and power of the great Yamantaka, may the world be free of obstacles. May the aspirations and prayers of the worldwide sangha be fulfilled. May the merit and blessings of this profound gathering of wisdom and skillful means bring the accomplishment of dharma, good health, peace, happiness, and prosperity to everyone in the coming year of the Water Rabbit.

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