The Annual Kagyed Drubchen at Mindrolling Monastery

During the first and second lunar months of the year, Mindrolling Monastery performs the great Kagyed Drubchen to commemorate the aniversary of the the parinirvana of Chögyal Terdag Lingpa.  This yearly ten-day drubchen is performed according to the authentic instructions of this great master and founder of Mindrolling Monastery.

On the 23rd day of the first lunar month (March 15th, 2023), this drubchen began at Mindrolling Monastery.  The renowned terma of Kagyed De Sheg Du Pa was revealed by the tertön Nyang Ral Nyima Özer and was later revived by Terdag Lingpa.  This mahasadhana is one of the most important and extensive accomplishment practices of the Nyingma tradition.

When asked by his students what they should do upon his passing into parinirvana, Terdag Lingpa instructed that they should not mourn his passing but instead recognize the truth of impermanence and perform the 10-day Kagyed drubchen, which would bring infinite blessings and be of immeasurable benefit to all sentient beings.  Thus, every year since the passing of this great master, Mindrolling has performed this most extensive and profound drubchen. 

Each night, the local community gathers to receive the blessings of the practice as the Cham (ritual dance) is performed. On the second day of the second lunary month (March 23rd, 2023), the anniversary of the parinirvana of Terdag Lingpa, extensive prayers were done, and offerings of light were made throughout Mindrolling Monastery and the Great Peace Stupa. The drubchen then concluded with all the concluding rituals and the Marme Mönlam on March 24th.

On this joyful occasion, the entire Mindrolling sangha rejoices in the great merit and accomplishment of this practice. With the blessings of the Dharma King Terdag Lingpa and the entire Mindrolling lineage, may all practitioners continue to practice and accomplish of the Buddhadharma for the benefit of all sentient beings. 

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