Thug Je Chenpo Drubchen at Mindrolling Monastery

On the 10th day of the first lunar month, Mindrolling Monastery began the annual seven-day drubchen of Thug Je Chenpo, the Great Compassionate One.  This profound and extensive mahasadhana was discovered by the founder of Mindrolling, Rigdzin Terdag Lingpa in 1680, and it has been kept as one of the most sacred and important practices in the Mindrolling tradition.  This drubchen is held annually during the month of Chötrul Duchen, the Buddha’s Month of Miracles, to mark the parinirvana of Kyabje Minling Trichen.  Remembering the limitless compassionate activity of this great master, the merit gathered in this drubchen is dedicated to the long life of the gurus, the flourishing of Dharma and the liberation of all sentient beings.  On the final day of the drubchen, the local community gathered to receive the siddhis and blessings of this practice, and it was a wonderful celebration of merit and wisdom for all.  Having performed this practice with pure motivation of devotion and bodhicitta, may the merit reach all beings in the three worlds and may it be the cause for all beings to attain perfect Buddhahood. 

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