Kama’i Tshogchen Düpa Drubchö

The great drubchö of Kama’i Tshogchen Düpa was performed by the monks of Mindrolling Monastery for seven days beginning on October 30th, 2023.  This drubchö consists of the great sadhanas of Gyutrul Zhiwa, Gyutrul Throwo, Tshogchen Düpa, Lunglug Tshedrup and Yangdag Lhagu, which are performed simultaneously in different shrine rooms at the monastery.  This profound practice brings an inconceivable shower of blessings and dispels obstacles for practitioners and the world. The practice culminated on the auspicious day of Lhabab Düchen, and members of the local Tibetan community attended the practice on this day to receive its profound blessings.  The great gathering of merit is dedicated to all sentient beings and gathering all good circumstances of peace and benefit for the world. 

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