The Annual Yamantaka Drubchö of Shinje Dregjom at Mindrolling

Mindrolling Monastery performed the annual seven-day Yamantaka drubchö of Shinje Dregjom beginning on the 2nd of February, 2024.  The drubchö is performed in accordance with the treasure teaching, or terma, of Shinje Dregjom discovered by the Dharma King Chögyal Terdag Lingpa in 1667. This drubchö is renowned for its power to dispel obstacles to the sacred Dharma and the entire world and to bring blessings and protection to all sentient beings.

In particular, the Shinje Dregjom drubchö is held at Mindrolling at the end of every lunar year to invoke the blessings and power of the great Yamantaka in order to dispel all obstacles for the coming year. The practice concluded on the 30th day of the 12th lunar month, February 9th, 2024.

During this intensive mahasadhana, the monastic sangha of Mindrolling dedicated many prayers to all those of the local community and the worldwide Mindrolling sangha for dispelling obstacles and gathering all good circumstances.

On the 28th lunar day, the Gutor ritual that dispels all obstacles was performed, and on the 30th lunar day (February 9th), the drubchö concluded with many vast offerings and the dedication of numerous aspiration prayers.

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