Lama Sangdü Drubchö at Mindrolling Monastery

This year July 9th, 2022 marked the auspicious day of Telda Tse Chu. This 10th day of the 5th lunar month is the yearly anniversary of the spontaneous arising of Guru Rinpoche from the lotus to limitlessly benefit sentient beings. To observe this profound, auspicious, and joyful occasion, Mindrolling Monastery performed the 3-day drubchö of Lama Sangdü. This sadhana was revealed as a treasure teaching by the great Tertön, Guru Chöwang, and is one of the most profound practices of Guru Rinpoche. During the drubchö, the sangha of Mindrolling Monastery made vast offerings and deep heartfelt supplications to the glorious Guru of Oddiyana to dispel obstacles and bestow immeasurable blessings on the sangha and the entire world. During these times of great obstacles and imbalance of the elements around the world, may the powerful blessings of Guru Rinpoche dispel the darkness of ignorance, grant all good circumstances, and cause the dawning of wisdom in the minds of all sentient beings.

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