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Mindrolling Through 50 Years

In this final section of the Mindrolling Book, you may view photos of a wide variety of people and events at Mindrolling Monastery beginning in 1965 and up to the present day, 2015. These include activities, sadhanas, rituals, great masters, rinpoches, tulkus, monks,staff and Mindrolling family photos. Book Design & Realisation: Xpressions Print & Graphics […]

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Mindrolling Today

From the third section of the Mindrolling Commemorative Book (2015), you may view photos of the buildings and grounds of the Mindrolling campus as it looks today. Photos and information about the Mindrolling International centres in Europe, Asia and North America are also included. Book Design & Realisation: Xpressions Print & Graphics Pvt Ltd, Dehradun, […]

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Mindrolling in India, The Early Days

This 2nd chapter of online version of the Mindrolling Golden Jubilee commemorative book (2015), begins with several archival photos of Mindrolling, established by Terdag Lingpa in 1676 in the Drachi Valley of Tibet. Subsequently, you will view photos of the progressive construction of the monastery, college and stupa in India beginning in 1965 to the […]

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