Admission to the College

Upon successfully passing the entrance examination, monks may join the shedra. All students must be ordained novice monks.

If an applicant is non-ordained, he has to receive ordination with keen aspiration from a vinaya Master.

He should have his own ‘Choego’, upper robes and ‘Dingwa’ (mat meant for monk).

He should have a copy of ‘Rigzin Thug Thig’ and ‘Yumka Dechen Gyalmo’ texts in order to perform monthly practice on the 10th and 25th day of each lunar month.

He must respect the rules and regulations of the Institute, and follow them earnestly.

For monks seeking admission from within Mindrolling monastery, a certificate of having completed all the eight levels of the Primary and Secondary Buddhist School is required.

Monks from other monasteries should bear a letter of introduction from the head of their concerned monastery.

Other applicants, apart from the two categories listed above, may also be considered if they have adequate knowledge and are keen to pursue the Dharma.

Only eligible applicant can take a written entrance examination, and the Examination Board will decide the final selection.

Once admitted, a monk should diligently perform any duties assigned by the head of the monastery and of the Institute, teachers and Gekko (disciplinarian).

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