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Hundreds Pay Respect at the Arrival of the Kuphung of Lodi Gyari Rinpoche

On the 29th of October 2018, sanghas around the world mourned the passing of Lodi Gyari Rinpoche. In the past week many prayers and butterlamp offerings were made, and the international political community has eulogized Gyari Rinpoche for a lifetime of great service and vision.

On the 5th of November the Kuphung of Lodi Gyari Rinpoche arrived in Clement Town, Dehra Dun from San Francisco. Hundreds of people lined the entrance way to Mindrolling Monastery with khatags to pay their respects to this great advocate, exceptional diplomat and humanitarian who touched so many lives, and whose life’s work will continue to impact the world in profound ways. A shrine was prepared in the residence of Penam Rinpoche, the son of Gyari Rinpoche, where the Kuphung will remain and daily prayers will be offered until the cremation.

Rinpoches, dignitaries and family members have already arrived or will be arriving over the next week for the prayer ceremonies planned leading up to the cremation on the 18th of November at Mindrolling Monastery.

Photos From the Arrival

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