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The Great Ka Ma’i Tshogchen Düpa Drubchö

The flow of the oral transmissions of the two stages of the tantra and sadhana sections of the Ancient School of the Vajrayana was first transmitted through the compassionate activity of the Great Guru Padmasambhava, Vimalamitra, Vairocana and so forth to Nyak Jnanakumara. The line of transmissions then continued through to Nub Sangye Yeshe and on to the three Zur masters in whom all the four great rivers of transmissions flowed and gathered.

These transmissions continued on uninterruptedly to Terdag Lingpa, Lochen Dharmashri and all the subsequent Trichens, Khenchens and Jetsüns of Mindrolling right down to the present day without any decline in the teaching, practice, experience, instructions and blessings. These teachings of the three pitakas and the four sections of tantra abide fully with the words, meaning, practice and blessings intact in an unbroken tradition.

In Og Min Ogyen Mindrolling in India, in the auspicious month of Buddha’s Descent, the great Kama’i Drubpa is performed by hundreds of monks within which the great sadhanas of Gyuthrul Zhiwa, Gyuthrul Throwo, Tshogchen Düpa, Lung Lug Tshedrub and Yangdag Lhagu are performed simultaneously in five shrinerooms. These great sadhanas are performed just as taught and practiced by the great Zur masters with no decline in the authentic ritual traditions and the great flow of blessings.

Each year this great drubchö is performed for seven days, having begun this year on the 26th of October.


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