Housing and Classroom Renovations at Mindrolling

View of the renovated housing wing at Mindrolling Monastery

Senior Monks Housing Complex Completed

On the auspicious day of January 12th, 2020 many of Mindrolling’s senior monks moved into refurbished and renovated rooms.

The newly built three storied building consists of new rooms for the senior monks. Each room has a small kitchenette and private bath. This newly built building was built after the demolition of the older building, which had over time developed many building faults and become unsafe for living.

The new rooms now have modern amenities and are suitable for single and double occupancy. Located in the right wing of the monastery, these new quarters for housing of senior monks consists of more than 40 rooms.

The second phase of this project which forms the left wing of the monastery are yet to be demolished and renovated.

Young monks dormitory at Mindrolling Monastery

Dormitory and Classrooms Soon to be Completed

An exciting new renovation at Mindrolling Monastery will provide our young monks with improved rooms and facilities this year.

Work is almost complete on the renovation of the dormitory for younger monks of the Secondary school of Mindrolling monastery. Previously the building housed 70 or more monks in a single room and classrooms.

The new design will convert the open plan into smaller, more private rooms for 6 to 10 monks each. In addition to the redesigned dorm, a new shower house will add bathing spaces with improvements.

For efficiency and comfort, the roof is now equipped with a solar thermal barrier that reflects heat away from the shower house, promising to give the monks a comfortable (and more eco-friendly) living environment throughout the entire year at Mindrolling.

Finally, many of the younger monks will soon be attending classes in a newly built building with updated classrooms, subdivided into more suitable breakout rooms for group study and practice. The 10 new classrooms with all modern facilities will provide a much needed upgrade for studies for the younger monks of the monastery.

All these renovation and rebuilding projects of Mindrolling International charitable projects under the direction of Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche, have provided a much needed expansion and improved facilities for the growth and flourishing of activities of Mindrolling in India.

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