Mindrolling Monastery Aids in Pandemic Relief Effort

Every country in the world is currently fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and working to protect their populations from this terrible virus.

In India, Prime Minister Modi and all government officials at the state and local levels have worked together to stop the spread of the virus in India as much as possible. The government coordination at all levels with healthcare workers and police has been truly extraordinary. The hard work of India’s public officials has been instrumental to enforce the strict lockdown of the entire population and to provide protective equipment and support for the healthcare workers, police and all the other individuals providing essential services during this time.

Mindrolling Monastery wishes to extend most sincere gratitude and thanks to all of these courageous individuals. As a small token of this gratitude and in order to support the relief efforts, Mindrolling Monastery has offered 10 lakh rupees to the fund established by the Honorable Chief Minister of Uttarakhand to provide equipment and support to fight the pandemic during this time. In addition, Rupees 3 lacs were offered to the Sikkim Chief Minister’s Relief fund and another Rupees 3 Lac to the West Bengal Chief Minsters Relief Fund, making a total of Rupees 16 lac donated to support the Relief efforts. In addition, Mindrolling Monastery is supporting the efforts to fight the pandemic by providing food and supplies to the local community and the daily wage workers during these difficult times. Everyone here at Mindrolling Monastery in Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, and its branch monasteries in Sikkim and Kalimpong, West Bengal continues to pray for the health and well being of everyone throughout the world and in particular for all those who continue to work courageously to fight the pandemic.



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